Friday, 19 February 2016

With drones and missiles, rival news channels attack Times Now studio after TRP drops

Falling TRPs, public backlashes, and sinking credibility had already created an air of despondency in many news studios, and when Arnab Goswami trended on Twitter for two consecutive days, they couldn’t take it anymore and decided to blow off Times Now studio.

The incident happened at around 9 PM last night when hundreds of fighter jets scrambled from NDTV, CNN-IBN, and Headlines Today offices to carry out the air strike.  “Let’s teach these eight talking heads and a screaming anchor a lesson,” came a voice from the NDTV jet as they converged on top of Times Now building.

Rajdeep Sardesai, in a fit of fury, forgot the drill and jumped on the terrace, screaming, “This is Sparta,” which forced them to continue the mission without his support.  But as Ravish Kumar was getting ready to fire the first missile, Prannoy Roy pointed towards the sky and they noticed a few spacecrafts approaching the building.

It was 9 PM and the Newshour was going on in full swing, and as the nation knows, the sound that emanates from the studio during the show sends radio waves into the space, which attracts aliens and they hover over the building from 9 PM to 11 PM.

As the spacecrafts and fighter jets came face to face, they took vicious u-turns and flew in the opposite directions, while Rajdeep screamed from the terrace, “What am I supposed to be doing here?”

Later they held a secret meeting where Rajdeep proposed, “I can take him on in a fist fight.”

“No, let’s create a fake Twitter account and tweet Pogo cartoons.  No one will take him seriously after that,” suggested Suhasini Haidar.

Unfortunately, soon after a few Pogo cartoons were tweeted from the newly created fake account, a Twitter handle @officeofRG followed the account and started retweeting the cartoons.

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