Thursday, 14 January 2016

Serial killer evading legal action for 10 years finally arrested for hurting religious sentiments

A hardened criminal, who was acquitted in several cases of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, and other legal violations in the past due to lack of evidence, has finally been brought to justice after he allegedly poked fun at a Godman.

The followers of the Godman took to the streets, demanding action against the blasphemous mortal under section 295A for his audacious statement. The judiciary, that is ably protecting religious sentiments these days using all its efforts and resources, swung into action and sent him to 14 days judicial custody.

We managed to have a chat with the accused and he said, “I swear, I did not poke fun at him, I was just curious. I liked his trousers and asked him whether he made them from a saree or not but strangely, he did not respond. I thought I needed to be more specific, so I asked him if his costume designer was suffering from any psychiatric ailment, and that irked him. He called the cops on me who arrested me without wasting any time. You know how serious a religious offense is and even the cops don’t want to take a chance with that.”

“But now you would face trials in many pending cases that were once closed due to lack of evidence,” we informed him.

“Are they going to club everything together?”

“Yes, they will.”
“But even this guy was charged with rape and murder in 2007. What about that?”

“He is a Godman now. Moreover, he hasn’t hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. Anyway, just apologize to him and everything should be fine, or even better, become his follower.”

We bade him goodbye when the jailer informed him that someone wanted to meet him, and a colorful object entered the cell.

Meanwhile, all terrorist organizations have instructed their members to read section 295A carefully and not to hurt anyone’s religious beliefs while carrying out their operations in India.

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