Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Modi launches ‘Learn India Learn’ campaign to educate lower income group about his other campaigns

Cynics may criticize him for launching campaigns that, according to them, bear no relevance to the daily struggles of the larger population, but no one can deny the fact that Shri Narendra Modi’s inspiring speeches make every listener believe that those campaigns are introduced specifically for him or her.  And now, he has taken a step ahead and launched, for the first time, an initiative only for the poor.

Learn India Learn, a fantasy training program dedicated to the underprivileged section of the society with a vision to raise awareness of how Narendra Modi’s initiatives are boosting India’s economic growth and why they should be proud of all the developments happening around them, has been rolled out by the government.  Everyone part of this campaign would share whatever they understand from his speeches and share the knowledge with as many people as possible, and the person who understands the most about his campaigns will get a mention in his next speech at Wembley Stadium.

To get a better understanding of the program, we decided to meet some of the participants and spoke to Ram Lal, a shopkeeper who has taken multiple loans to run his business but now finding it difficult to make ends meet.  An ardent follower of Narendra Modi, Mr. Ram Lal greeted us enthusiastically and said, “2014 general election was a victory of common men because that marked the end of our struggles, and since then we have been living a dream through Modiji.”

“I have never travelled outside my town but now I see so many exotic foreign locations…through his eyes,” his eyes sparkled as he continued, “When he walks on the tarmac wearing a suit worth 10 lakh, I feel like I am watching Arjun Rampal walking the ramp.  And last year when Air India One got parking slot near Air Force One and the entire nation celebrated the news, I couldn’t hold back my tears.  I ran to the terrace with my kids and sang, ‘Jana Gana Mana’ and took our selfie to capture the happy moment.”

“So when did you decide to join the program?” we asked.

“He has started so many great initiatives for us but unfortunately, because of my lack of education, I am finding it difficult to get any benefit from these initiatives.  I have realized that I need to educate myself to understand campaigns like Make in India, Start up India and many others so that I can increase my earnings and repay the loans I have taken.”

“There have been some misunderstandings as well because those 15 lakh he has transferred to my account is still not reflecting in my available balance.”

“Which 15 lakh?” we inquired.

“Those 15 lakh he gave us from black money proceeds.  See, after he promised to deposit 15 lakh in our accounts during election campaign, I immediately informed the debt collectors that some funds were in the process of getting transferred to my account in 100 days and that I would clear the entire outstanding amount once it’s done.  Don’t know what’s causing the delay.  I have even written a letter to him saying, ‘Sir, I am in deep financial stress. Kindly transfer the fund at your earliest convenience,’ but still it’s not getting cleared.  I think I have sent him incorrect IFSC code.”

“However, I have actively taken part in some of his noble initiatives like Clean India Movement and Yoga Day.  I have learned that 94 crore was spent on Swachh Bharat ads in one year and 15.87 crore on SMSes to promote Yoga Day, and it was totally worth it.”

“Are you regretting your decision to support Narendra Modi?” we posed a question to understand if he was happy with Modi government.

“Are you among those 12 followers of Rahul Gandhi who understand his speeches and refuse to admit that he is a stand-up comedian in the disguise of a politician?”

We hurriedly concluded the interview.

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