Monday, 28 December 2015

I am Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law, I’m not afraid of saying stuff that make no sense – Robert Vadra

Congress has appointed Robert Vadra as the party spokesperson after he, in an epic display of love for common people, had lashed out at Kejriwal government for exempting VIPs from odd-even rule.  The party has announced today that Mr. Vadra would be sharing the burden of Rahul Gandhi and would criticize various political parties whenever opportunities present themselves.

Earlier, people caught a glimpse of Rahul Gandhi in him when he slammed Kejriwal government over an issue he was not remotely connected with, and his anti-VIP stand had created a lot of confusion as he himself falls under the category of unspecified VIPs.  Hence, the clarification from congress has come as a relief to many who had earlier attributed his incoherent thoughts to an extended Christmas party that, they assumed, he had attended.

Meanwhile, AAP has dismissed his statement as immature and uninformed and said, “Exemption of VIPs from odd-even rule wouldn’t benefit any VIP because no VIP, including Robert Vadra, owns a single car, and if at all any VIP has only one car, then that person should consider himself or herself fortunate to be classified as a VIP, and would require more help than a mere exemption from odd-even rule in order to be considered a VIP in the future.”

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, however, has lauded Mr. Vadra for his statement and said, “He is on the right track.  Initially, even I was a bit hesitant to express myself, but since I decided to implement everything I learned from Champak …I mean, I decided to be more assertive, things started to fall in place automatically, and today, I am one of the most feared political figures in the country,” he grinned as he continued, “If Robert continues the good work he has started then, you never know, he might just win one or two Bharat Rantas.  After all, we have a habit of winning Bharat Ratnas,” he grinned again for no apparent reason.

When we asked him about the numerous privileges Mr. Vadra himself enjoyed over the years, including exemption from frisking at airports, he rummaged through a few papers and said he would get back to us on this after a couple of days.

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