Monday, 11 January 2016

Gatecrasher caught at Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash, identified as Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi was caught gatecrashing at Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash. He arrived at the party uninvited and started eating whatever was available there. However, he soon created a ruckus about excess salt in food when the guests identified him and raised an alarm.

As everyone ran helter-skelter screaming, “Oh my God, it’s Vivek Oberoi,” he misconstrued their frightened squeals as cries of adulation and posed for photographs with them before security guards swung into action and escorted him outside.

Speaking to The Unreal Times, Hrithik Roshan said, “I am not familiar with quite a few faces here but I gave them the benefit of the doubt assuming they are from the catering service,” he pointed toward Mika Singh and Ameesha Patel and continued, “But not Vivek Oberoi. You cannot forget him easily. My neighborhood grocery shop guy refused to give me credit after the collections of Krrish 3 were made public, and it all happened because of him.”

“But the collections of Krrish 3 can be attributed to a bizarre script and that glittering, silver color consume you forced him to wear,” we tried to reason.

“Not at all.  Even I wore costumes in Krrish series, and everyone, other than a few stray dogs, appreciated the look. That’s why we have decided not to have a villain in Krrish 4.”

“Krrish 4?  Is the story ever going to end?”

“See, that’s a continuing story. Let me narrate it to you for your understanding.”

We beat a hasty retreat from there but bumped into serial gatecrasher Mika Singh, who has attended almost all the parties happened on planet earth in the past few years. Recently, when Salman Khan hosted Paris Hilton at Balaji Rao’s birthday party, Mika Singh sneaked in as usual; however, things did not turn out quite as he’d expected as, after drinking copious amounts of…umm, water, Salman Khan gifted Mika’s necklace to Ms. Hilton, and all he could manage was a fleeting, strained smile.

Later, the news headline read – “Salman Khan gifts Paris Hilton a diamond studded necklace,” and everyone hailed him for his generosity, although, there was a small mention at the bottom of the page, – “The necklace was originally owned by Mika,” which everyone ignored.

We asked Mika what he was doing at Hrithik’s party and he said, “What else? Partying. No party is complete without Mika Singh,” he made the sign of the horns by extending his index and little fingers when someone interrupted him by saying, “Bhaiya, change the music, no?  People are leaving.”

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