Friday, 8 January 2016

Arvind Kejriwal to now tweet full movie reviews as Twitter increases character limit to 10,000

There is good news for all movie buffs as renowned movie reviewer Arvind Kejriwal has decided to post full movie reviews on Twitter.  This service would go live in a couple of months time once Twitter introduces the new feature that would relax its 140 character limit and allow its users to make 10,000 character tweets, in other words, it would allow them to make fools of themselves voluntarily.

The entire film fraternity has welcomed the decision of their favorite movie reviewer, who has an OCD to watch every single movie that hits the theater and had taken many by surprise in the past by reviewing movies that many did not know existed.

Kejriwal’s followers believe that the new character limit would lend a lot of clarity to his reviews which was earlier missing due to character count restriction.  For example, when he tweeted, “Went to see Bang Bang with my family. Nice movie. Kids enjoyed it. Congrats @VishalDadlani,” he couldn’t specify, due to lack of space, whether he enjoyed the movie or not, and left his followers at the mercy of his kids’ decision making abilities.

Meanwhile, a few followers of Salman Khan have urged him not to use the feature and sent him direct messages saying, “Bhai, old is gold.  Stick to 140 characters,” whereas others are trying to read 10,000 characters from his Twitter timeline in one go just to have a feel of the carnage he is going to wreak once the 10K feature is launched.

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