Saturday, 4 November 2017

11 Mistakes in Padmavati Trailer You Didn't Notice ;)

Ok, so I have completely lost interest in blogging, and considering the size of audience I currently have and the frequency at which I am updating my blog, I could easily do away with the revelation.  But that doesn’t mean I will stop sharing my views, opinion, and thoughts (same thing?) with…umm, people.  So, I decided to venture into something I have no clue about.  I created a YouTube…thing.

But when I recorded my voice and played it back, I wasn’t sure if it was the worst thing I heard in a long time, but it’s definitely not something I would want to hear when I play a video.  Strangely, no one ever told me that my voice is not pleasant (if it’s practically possible to tell someone that his or her voice sucks without letting the conversation turn into a fist fight).  So, I asked my friend to do the recording (he sounds like a radio announcer 😜 ).

So, please check out my video and don’t laugh at my choice of topic.  I am just targeting popular keywords…I mean, that’s what they asked me to do in ‘How to get 2 million views in one hour’ videos.  Again, the voice is not mine.  I am reiterating this not because I want to give credit to someone, but because I don't want to be criticized for someone else's work 😎. 



  1. Hey Deb! I'm so glad you decided to come back to blogging, if only through this Youtube..thing. Will watch the video now, sorry, got excited to see a post from you. If you're completely clueless as to who I am, I can understand. Expected. :-D

    1. Hey Varsh, glad to see you here after a long time! Thank you so much :)